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Welcome to my blog!  The new year should bring lots to talk about regarding my venture into photography and building websites on a full time basis.  Decided to add a blog link to my site as a way to let everyone know what dog/horse shows I’ll be attending in 2009.   If you’re interesting in having me photograph you in the ring, just e-mail (info@scjgraphics.net) or call me to schedule.

This past weekend I  shot some candids at the Celebrate Virginia Dog Show Cluster right in my backyard of Fredericksburg, VA.  The Expo Center is a wonderful new, indoor venue that really brought out the spectators and hopefully will bring even more exhibitors next year.  I mainly shot the Pembroke Welsh Corgi entry, but took some time to photograph some of the other breed rings, grooming areas, group ring and any cute dog I could find.    Photos from the weekend will be in a gallery soon, so please check the Client and Photo Galleries tab on http://www.scjgraphics.net.

"Action in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi ring."

"Action in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi ring."

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